On November 20th 2016, End of Summer organized a group presentation/lecture in Tokyo featuring the 2016 artists in residence, Artist and Postdoctoral Fellow at Social Art Lab, Kyushu University James Jack, and End of Summer Program Director Matt Jay.

The intention was not only to introduce the program opportunity to our growing community/audience in Tokyo, but to report our
collective research findings and cultural observations through this ongoing project. The presentation will begin with opening remarks from Program Director Matt Jay- including a brief overview of cultural connections between Portland and Japan, building the foundational context for End of Summer, and the ultimate goals of the program.

The presentation focused on the artists in residence, who each shared their impressions and observations of their experience, as well as details of the individual site-responsive artistic projects which were conducted during their time in residence. Artist, Postdoctoral Fellow at Kyushu University, and previous End of Summer guest lecturer, James Jack closed the presentation sharing aspects of his unique experience conducting art projects in both Japan and Portland, and on the importance of artistic exchange across the Pacific.