August 28, 2018 to September 29, 2018

Masashi Echigo
Itsuki Kaito
Tsubasa Kato
Masumi Kawamura
Nancy Lorenz
Jeffry Mitchell
Nao Osada
Adam Sorensen
Storm Tharp
Masao Yamamoto

In August 2018, End of Summer organized a collaborative exhibition with PDX CONTEMPORARY ART titled "Encounters," featuring new work by six artists from the End of Summer residency program and five PDX CONTEMPORARY ART artists. The exhibition coincided with the 2018 End of Summer residency program.

"Encounters" speaks broadly to the meeting of unexpected or unacquainted subjects, brought into relation and into action with each other. The setting for these 'encounters' are our increasingly interconnected, globalized societies, where culture, language, history and everyday material realities are being constantly processed through forms of translation.