In August 2017, End of Summer completed its second iteration of the annual residency program and lecture series. The program welcomed five artists in residence: Hanae Utamura, Tetsuro Kano, Sanae Yamada, Yusuke Takeda and Nanao Tsukuda. 

The artists spent one month in Portland, Oregon where they participated in program activities designed to connect them with Portland’s vibrant contemporary art community. Each artist also initiated individual artistic projects while in residence, independently conducting research and seeking out local histories and materials from which to create new work. 

The End of Summer Lecture Series component of the program brought two distinguished scholars to Portland to deliver presentations on critical topics around Japanese art and cultural histories.

Yoshitaka Mori, Professor in Sociology and Cultural Studies at Tokyo University of the Arts, discussed alternative spaces in Tokyo and the development of transnational networks of underground politics and culture in Asia.

Justin Jesty, Assistant Professor of Asian Languages and Literature at the University of Washington, used the example of amateur woodcut artists in 1950s Japan to address the connection between creativity and adversity during periods of historical struggle.

The program culminated with the unveiling of the artists in residence projects at the End of Summer Open Studio.