Tetsuro Kano

Tetsuro Kano was born in 1980. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Environmental Design/City Environmental at Tokyo Zokei University (2005), and a master’s degree from the Fine Art at Tokyo Zokei University (2007).

Having studied architecture and environmental design, Kano has discerned values and meanings that slip through human intentions by observing plants. Taking biologist Jakob von Uexküll’s concept of umwelt (often translated as “self-centered world”) as an inspiration, Kano has consistently been interested in the diversity of the worlds perceived by different organisms found in the everyday life sphere of human beings.

The landscapes that Kano gives shape to using ready-made products in a way that deviates from their original purpose, or by incorporating the viewpoints of the Other, such as plants and birds, retain the existing compositions of a work of sculpture or painting, but allow a worldview open to values departing from art and to diverse forms of existence to concurrently reside in them.

In recent years, he has produced works in places removed from the realm of art, such as a botanical garden, and the scale of the parts used in his sculptures and installations, focused in the past on the perception and scale of birds, has become a size smaller and more meticulous. Taking plants as its motif, and leading the micro-world of insects and microorganism that encircle plants into it, this exhibition invites viewers to imagine plural worlds where details acquire different identities for different organisms while giving rise to a whole.