Sanae Yamada


Sanae Yamada is an artist. She was born in Gumma, Japan in 1987, and is currently based in Tokyo. She received her MFA in Design from Tokyo University of the Arts, and her BA in Visual Communication Design at Musashino Art University.

The nature of her work is to consider the distance between society and an individual’s body or a specific location, as constructed by established images, and to seek the moments/situations in which they are connected.
Utilizing opportunities to travel and create her work through Artist in Residence programs, Yamada often researches a certain region on which some points of view are crossing, such as the edge of rural residential area, construction site in the city so as to find the moments/situations.

Her work encompasses installation, video, drawing and photography. Yamada often uses associations between images and meaning in order to overlap the established images which has become too far from perception onto familiar, personal, bodily experience.