End of Summer is a cross-cultural art program based in Portland, Oregon at the Yale Union contemporary art center. It is comprised of an annual summer residency for artists from Japan, as well as a lecture series. Outside of this core summer program, symposiums, exhibitions and other related projects are also organized in Japan, and internationally.

End of Summer exists to build a dialogue between the U.S., specifically the region of the Pacific Northwest, and Japan through contemporary art. Through this entry point, the program aims to engage in a larger exploration of Japanese art in the era of global artistic practice, as well as the continual reconsideration of notions of East and West, center and periphery.

Each year, six Japanese artists are selected through an open call and invited to participate in the program. The residency utilizes the setting of Portland, with its cultural ties to Japan, community oriented ethos, and dynamic arts activity, as a site for creative exploration that nurtures an international connectivity.

End of Summer emphasizes an exploratory and research based experience, without demands for artistic production. Upon arrival in Portland, resident artists are provided with studio space to act as their home base, from which they can research, experiment and work. The crux of the program however is centered on a series of activities and events organized to allow residents the opportunity to interact with Portland’s art community directly, including exhibition and studio visits.

Each week the program hosts a guest lecture- public events organized specifically for the residency. Participating lecturers are notable in diverse fields of study, selected for the program to encourage a perspective that is international and critically engaged. Each of the lecturers and their work are also directly investigating, or informed by sensibilities and history of Japan and the Global Asias, crucially framing the residency in points of view outside of its western setting.

The residency culminates in a roundtable discussion and open studio event. The roundtable provides an opportunity for the artists to share their impressions on what they have seen and experienced, which will be documented in a book project with Portland’s Publication Studio, as well as online, as part of an ongoing effort by the program to collect and disseminate more perspectives from Japanese contemporary artists. During the open studio, the public is invited into the residents’ workspace at Yale Union to view works in progress or travel findings, and enjoy a social closing out of the program.